Sunday, April 30, 2006

I must be nuts

I've decided to do a tandem jump dive when we are in Vegas. It looks like a total blast. I must say though I think I will cry the whole time I'm doing it. It's one of those goals, you know in the list of "do before I die" Have I mentioned that I hate small planes and heights really freak me out? I still have to do it, it's like a barrier I must cross.

So wish me luck and feel free to tell me how cool it was but not if you hated it, LOL

Rest is good

Resting is such a good thing. Though I didn't get much last night since Miguel woke me 3 times last night. I did skip church and rested while everyone was gone. Since then I've gotten busy and cleared my desk that was a pit. I hate not finding stuff and then finding other stuff that means nothing to me and I have no clue how it made it there.

I no longer have a headache which is a great thing.

We are supposed to go to Tulsa again, we are also supposed to have someone sit the three kids while we go to a meeting and have no clue who is going to do that. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, LOL

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Guatemala weekend


Here is Miguel with Tami the program director that helped us adopt Miguel. Miguel was doing high fives with her, they are with Kristen who is the daughter of a friend we met thru our adoption. She is a DOLL! Smart as a whip too! Posted by Picasa


I missed my normal expresso and milk this morning and I'm soo paying for it. I have a huge headache. I took Tylenol because unfortunately I'm allergic to Motrin, which brings me to a rant. What is up with being allergic to Ibuprofen? Nothing takes pain away like it (at least not over the counter) and I have be allergic to it.

Book I read this week and like a lot:

The Third Secret by Steve Berry

Book I'm ready right now:

Tell No One by Harlan Coben

I love reading this guy. He writes suspense and Whodunit like nobody I have read before. This guy puts me on the edge, I cannot put his books down once I start them. He has the most convoluted story lines. Really cool really surprising stuff.

so I'm back to reading my Coben book, I'm halfway thru it.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I love Target

I just love shopping there... I want one close by so badly. They are suposed to be building one about 30 min from home and I'm salivating at the thought.

So we went to the first night of the enrichment day. Miguel got a lot of candy which made him tremendously happy. He wore himself out and eventually asked to go so he could sleep, LOL

He is so asleep he hasn't moved in over an hour.

weekend plans

I'm going to take my gorgeous son with me to Tulsa for a Cultural enrichment activity. Basically we are going to the adoption agencie's Guatemala weekend. It should be fun to see everyone especially our social worker/program coordinator that helped me live thru our adoption. She moved to Colorado last year and we miss her so much, I wish she was back in Tulsa. She is a SUPER person and I always like being around her, she is such a positive and sweet person and truly genuine (at least I hope she is not pretending to like me, LOL ;) ) Anyhow by gorgeous daughters decided to stay with dad and not get culturally enriched :P They'll have fun with daddy they always do.

So until I have time for more writing (although I will have my laptop with me so I might check tonight) TTFN

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bad news...

Yesterday I got some bad news, Puerto Rico the place my parents and several sisters live in is heading towards a severe economic situation. This breaks my heart and it really scares me.

Here's the post from the Houston Chronicle

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - Nearly 1,600 schools shuttered. Some 205,000 public workers unpaid. Most government offices closed.

The U.S. Caribbean territory is staggering under a nearly $740 million budget shortfall and heading toward a grim scenario Monday, when it will run out of cash to pay salaries and provide public services if local lawmakers don't approve a bailout plan.

Talk of the possible shutdown dominated the island Wednesday.

Puerto Ricans jammed gas stations and supermarkets amid rumors that truck drivers would go on strike to force the government to resolve the crisis. Callers flooded talk shows, expressing anxiety.

Union leaders and government workers lashed out at politicians.

A doctors' group said the government may not be able to provide adequate medical care for the 1.6 million people with public health insurance. The doctors said 1 million prescriptions filled each month were also at risk. Police will stay on duty and hospitals will remain open.

Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila promised to maintain limited, essential health coverage, but urged Puerto Rico's 3.9 million residents to pressure their lawmakers to approve his plan to take out a $638 million loan backed by a 7 percent sales tax.

The money would carry Puerto Rico through June 30, the end of this fiscal year.

Puerto Rico's House of Representatives wants to impose a 4 percent sales tax instead. The island now has no sales tax.

Protests were planned today.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


My wonderful pediatrician (my own as a baby not my kids') lives in Sevilla, Spain where I was born. He is so wonderful constantly sending me pictures of my home town in hopes I will go visit soon (he is tempting me hard!)

He sent me these pictures of the Fair of Sevilla. I loved the beautiful horses and the colorful dresses. Amazing. I can't wait to visit. Posted by Picasa

I hate laundry

I want someone to invent a way for laundry to not get dirty, wrinkled or smelly. I don't like doing laundry, although a very primal part of me likes to smell clean clothes, that primal part is heavily sedated by my huge dislike of folding clothes and putting them away.

Here's my ticker Isn't it cute?

Boring... boring....

Yesterday was so boring. ugh... the kids were on each other's throats all day, I ended up sending the girls to bed at 8:30pm because I was just sick of their arguing.

"she's touching me..
"i'm not!"
"yes you are!"
"she's dancing around me"

and so on and so forth. How annoying!

One positive was that we closed on the old house so we are now owners of only 1 house and today we pick up the check of what's leftover from our mortgage etc. We did well and now if I could only take the money and spend it but no...we have to do reasonable stuff with it :P

I have so much laundry to do and it has to be done today because it's the only full day off I have this week. Friday I have a nail appointment and I'm taking the younger kiddos with me to Tulsa to the Guatemala weekend celebration with our adoption agency. I plan on visiting Target also and doing a little shopping.

I'm feeling better from my cold except for the annoying cough I get at night when I have a head cold, well I guess it's a chest cold or else I wouldn't cough.

I'm going to go get a counter for the days left until we go to Vegas. BTW I found out that by purchasing my tickets for Cirque du Soleil as part of my package I cannot get assigned seating and choose the best posible seats for us at the show. They assign them when I pick up the tickets which won't be until the day before. How uncool is that? So I might have to cancel the "KA" tickets and then purchase them thru the website or thru the MGM which is where they do the show.

A big Thumbs down to Southwest for that little rule, it's just not cool.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


If you are visiting my blog please leave me your comments, unless they are mean and then I will delete you ;)

At the bottom of each post there is a comments link, feel free to le me know you visited and what you thought of my post.

Hilarious tickles

I love it when my kids request tickles. Their laugh is so honest and natural. It's so full of sincerity and joy. I have seen this video like 90 times and it still makes me laugh.

Monday, April 24, 2006

So how big is Miguel..????

Today he went to the doctor for his 2 year well check. He was 28 lbs 8.5 oz and 34 inches long. Doctor was very happy with his size, smartness, cuteness and potty abilities. He is in the 50% for height and weight. That is really quite amazing since we thought he was going to be a peepsqueak when he was a baby.

Of course in our eyes he is the smartest, cutest, most capable and incredible little boy, the same way we feel about our girls. We are not biased either ;)

The birthday party

Here's some pictures from the birthday bash. Keys, candles and other issues aside it was a pretty good time.

 Posted by Picasa


I need a vacation from this weekend.

I'm so tired. I even slept the entire night, although Miguel got up at 6:30 which is on the early side for him. I'm just pooped.

Thankfully Nyquil is my friend and helps me sleep. Too bad I can't sleep in the daytime. Although if Miguel takes a nap after the doctor I might just have to take a little one for myself.

Being sick is just the pits.....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

Wooooo Hoooo!!! I am so thrilled, we are going to Vegas. We have booked a sweet deal at the Venetian (doing happy dance) We are going kidless for just a few days. I am just so excited I can't wait. I am already counting the days :D

Fun disasters

What is it about birthdays and parties that can bring out the best and worst of circumstances?

Yesterday we had a birthday for our son Miguel. 50 people invited, expecting about 25-30. Everything was going well but on Thursday my oldest's daughter's ballet teacher asks if Gabi can stay until 2pm for dance practice on Saturday (party starts at 3pm) okey dokey, it's pushing it but we say yes. Dh leaves with all the kids and I'm feverishly cleaning and getting things ready. Bounce House is coming at 2:30pm so I decide at 12:30 to run out to Walmart for the cake a few last minute items. I return by 1:15 and realize I've locked myself out of the house. Crap! I look at all windwos, doors, push on every possible thing I can to get myself inside, while driving the dogs batty at the same time. Side note: my dogs are terrible guard dogs if they had opposable thumbs I think they would've opened the doors and windows for me.

So I drive to the neighborhs house and call dh "get your butt out to get Gabi and head home I'm locked out" Call the inlaws, nope they have no keys to our house. I grab a ladder from the neighbor to scale down a 9 foot wall to dh's office in hopes the window is open and I can get in thru there. In a flash of smartness (or maybe not as you will see later) we decide to call a locksmith. The locksmith makes a mad dash to my house and arrives literally within seconds of myself ( i drove from my neighbors who is 21 seconds from my house, the locksmith i swear had to have passed thru a time warp to get here so quickly!) The "phantom locksmith" produced some tool that looked like the little gun from Men In Black I and in less than 2 minutes flat opens my front door and proceeds to charge me $40 (I'm in the wrong business here, I think I'm going to go to Locksmith school)

So I get inside the house, call dh (who is still 35 minutes away) tell him "the eagle has landed" I finish cleaning floors, and get dressed.

2:15 Dh calls: "Come pick me up from Walmart" HUH??
"I lost the car key"
This is when I have a sudden desire to open a bottle of rum.
I ask him to call his brother and call me back.

An invitee calls and tells me she will be 30 minutes early!!! Ok better hustle, it's almost 2:30 and time for the bounce house arrival.

2:45 No bounce house yet. Bounce house installer calls, she's lost. Give instructions. Go outside, bounce house and first guest arrive simultaneously. We talk. She is giving instructions to the other bounce house installers to arrive to my house.

2:50 Dh arrives with the other bounce house installer.

3:00 party starts, people arrive, having fun.

4:15 time for cake. Can't find the candles (What next?)
Sang Happy birthday with votive candles (yes you can laugh your ass off now...)

5:30-6:30 people leave. bounce house is still here (we paid for 2 hours and got 4, not a bad deal)

7:15 bounce house leaves.

8:15 Maria realizes she is now sick.... GREAT!

9:30 kids all in bed, Maria is now on the second glass of wine and sick.

It was really so much fun, thru every disaster and challenge, we had such a fun time and I hope our guests did too. Miguel was so filthy, so utterly filthy he looked like he had rolled in trash. He ate so many tootsy rolls I think he will have a tummy ache for days. He loves all presents and has been heard to be singing "Happy to you" as he walks around.

I'm grateful the next birthday is not until October.

Next post: Dh and I are going to VEGAS!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Today is my son's birthday, he is 2 years old.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


My kid is just too cute for words, watch his video!

It just doesn't get any better than this....

for a boxer. He loved getting batter from the short person. I'm thinking he respects the little guy a little more today, LOL Posted by Picasa
There is something so very cute about a little kid eating batter. I made Merenges (baked Meringues for the Non-puertorrican bunch) It is supremely sweet and sugary and Miguel LOVED it. He totally made the most of it, coming back over and over with "More, more!" He was so cute, he even shared with the dog, LOL. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The birthday boy

Here's pictures of my little man when we first met him in Guatemala at 4.5 months and then the man again at almost 2. Could he get any cuter? And boy what a tan! I've been known to tan but the kid has a copyright on it!!
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Countdown to the party

So it's wednesday today and the party is Saturday at 3 so that makes it 3 days 'till showdown. I have more things to do than I want to think about. I went looking for goody bag stuff and got some but feel like I need more.

I'm still missing:

cake is ordered
no food is ordered
need drinks alcoholic and non
clean house
finish yard
finish pool

and the list goes on and on.... I hope everyone has fun, I sure can't wait to sing Happy Birthday to my little man.

When you ask him what he wants for his birhday his answer is "cake!" Life is so simple when you are 2 :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Red Sox win tonight

There is something totally relaxing about the Red Sox winning. It just makes me all calm and sleepy and relaxed.

Of course even better is that Randy Johnson with the Yankees, got yanked out on the 3rd inning after being hit left and right for 7 runs. Ah.... what a night :)

I'm a happy camper.

Birthday party preparations

My son's birthday is on Friday. We are having a huge party on Saturday with bounce around, pool and playground. I've been working so hard on getting the yard and pool and house in order. Yesterday I repaired the weedwacker (yes, with tools and all..) and spent over 20 minutes supposedly turning it on, or trying anyhow, when in reality all I was doing was creating the nastiest blood blister in humanity. Yeeeouchhhhhh!!!

I'm starting to officially freakout because I feel like I've done nothing and everything will go wrong on Saturday. Please send organizing vibes....

Monday, April 17, 2006

Such cute kids

Ok Bias aside, are these not the cutest kids ever? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter rant....

Apparently the joy of the Resurrection is not present in all that go to Mass on Easter Sunday.

At our annual Easter Egg hunt, to which we donated eggs and candy, several people decided to pull a very Christian attitude and sent their kids off to knock the other ones down and take all the eggs away. Our kids came home with about 5 pieces of candy each. We donated over 50 eggs and 3 bags of candy.

I won't be donating or participating next year....

Easter duds...

Here's our family Easter picture. We look decent and the biggest miracle is that we are all looking at the camera.

 Posted by Picasa

Happy Easter

A very Happy Easter to all! I was awaked at 5:42 by my little boy, he has a raging fever, poor thing, he was shivering thru pj's and bed covers.

I forgot to finish my post yesterday, we had an egg hunt at the g-parents on Friday and Larisa came home with a tick. Then last night after giving Miguel a bath I found one on him also. Ewwww... I hate ticks....

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Visitors, Easter and ticks

We had family stay nearby for the whole week. It was fun for the kids to see cousins and enjoy some time with their Aunt/Uncle. They don't often see them and really enjoy their company.

Tomorrow being Easter the kids will have an egg hunt at church, it is usually very well attended and the kids always have fun. I got them clothes yesterday and they look awfully cute. There is something neat about getting them all to dress up nicely at least one time in the year.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Video games...

When you play video games do they make you dizzy?

Today I was playing Ratchet & Clank on the PS2 and after playing a few minutes I felt so sick I thought I was going to hurl.

So here I am now drinking chicken noodle soup... Blech...