Monday, April 30, 2007

Go Sox!!!


We took 2 from the Yankees in the Bronx. Cool beans! Sam is fired up and put on his hat to celebrate ;)

In other news... the school where the kids will go next year they are needing a spanish teacher so I applied and the principal asked me to call her today to set up an appt for an interview. Yikes! It's exciting and yet nervewracking! I haven't "worked" in 10 years and haven't interviewed for a job in like 12 years! Should I wear a suit? Is that still the SOP for interviews? LOL

My resume was absolutely hilarious (at least to me) since the first dates were like 1997 - 2007 homemaker and homeschool teacher.

So wish me luck if I get it, or maybe wish the kids luck... ;) Larisa is pumped that I could be her teacher, Gabi about died and doesn't want me too (not unexpected really, LOL)
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quote of the day

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

- Emperor of China - Mulan

Holllldddd me.....

That's what I hear every morning when the "flee" year old wakes up. So since he slept all night in his bed and is still sleeping I'm trying to blog with my arms free.

So here's a list of the things I have in my mind today

- we lost last night to the Blue Jays :P
- tonight we have Curt Shilling on the mound against the Orioles, we'll win I can feel it.
- hummingbirds are back - yes!!
- wednesday is always a busy day with the girls activities
- i'm pms'ing and I ate chips last night :P
- laundry
- laundry
- laundry....
- tomorrow we have a wine tasting (i wrote wind tasting the first try ewwww....)
- today is running day
- i'm seeing my friend Amy on friday and I'm psyched!
- my kids are really cute :D

ok I better get dressed before my flee year old adonis wakes up and calls out hooooollllddd me......

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spiders! Spiders! Spiders!!

Spider Miguel and his sidekick Spider Sam :D

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Baseball doesn't get any better than this!!

Click on the 4 homeruns in a row link
4 homeruns in a row!

We watched the whole thing as it was happening and it was pandemonium in this house!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

And a few more...

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Party Time!

Here are the pictures of Miguel's birthday and Birthday Party. He was so cute and had so much fun. Now he tells every one he is "Flee"

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

And my little boy is 3 years old. How time goes by...

3 years ago we were wondering when we would receive a referral of a little boy, not knowing that the most beautiful woman was giving birth to our little boy. I'm amazed at the chain of events that leads a family to a child and vice versa, how adoption somehow brought to us a child so perfectly suited to our family that it feels like if we had concieved him ourselves that is the exact same child we would have produced.

How to describe my little boy... hmmm... he is not only physicaly beautiful but internally beautiful, he is full of love and passion, he is brilliant and perceptive. Everywhere he goes people are attracted to him because he is so himself! He is so sure of his place on earth, he walks and lives so fully, even when he sleeps. He is so confident and amazing. He is so looking forward to being 3 years old, he wants to be a big boy he tells us (actually he tells us he IS a big boy) he decided he was big so he didn't need diapers; he told us this on Sunday and Monday he started wearing underwear and didn't look back. He tells us (this one I have doubts about) that when he is 3 he will sleep in his bed allnight (I won't hold my breath but it would be nice!) Silly me, if he does I will miss that little brown and warm little body that likes to curl up with me as if we were glued together.

He is a true mama's boy, when he wakes in the morning his first words are "mama!
and "hold me!" He loves to read and is very much right now into Dinosaur Roar and Where the wild things are (one of my most favorite books!) I think he identifies with Max ;)

Well I need to go and launder and clean a pool for his party, I'm terribly excited about his birthday. I went on a birthday present buying spree and he is getting too many presents but I love to give him things.

and so

Happy Birth Day Manuela that on this day you may be safe and healthy and that someday I can personally thank you for the gift of our son, yours and mine. We are forever tied and connected by the son you gave me to raise. May you receive God's blessings and his protection. My love to you.

Happy Birthday my son, may you continue to grow healthy and beautiful. I love you with all my heart.


The party is almost here

Saturday is Miguel's birthday and his party. WE are having a few friends over and can't wait to give him his presents. I bought him 2 books about Guatemala and a dino from It's a purple T-Rex and it roars... Oh man it'so darn cute!!! Miguel asks everyday if it's his birthday today, LOL. My little man is turning 3, he is potty trained, talks a blue-streak and is so frigging smart. He walks around telling me his favorite letter is N and he knows A is for apple and B is for ball.

THe kids got a bunch of shots on Monday for school, I feel so sorry for Larisa she had to get 4 of them. But they all did fine and in just 8 more weeks they'll be done and really to go to school legally.

I have a psychotic amount of laundry to do and i'm doing my best to put it off everyday, find every reason to procrastinate. So someone please kick my butt and tell me to do laundry.

Larisa is presently using her wiles with her pretty blue eyes to try to work a break in her schoolwork. i said No and I'm surprised she didn't let out a blood curling scream and threw something and ran to her room, slamming the door in the process, that is her SOA (standard operating procedure) when she doesn't get what she wants. SHe is going to make a boss' life quite miserable if she decides to work for corporate america, LOL....

Ok gotta go run.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shopping fun!

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Danielle at Pinnacle Hills mall, boy did we have fun :) We ate at Fish City Grill and went to just about every store, and I did some good purchases. I really really like way Gap jeans fit me, I hardly ever find jeans that will fit at the beginning and end. See they all stretch after a while and then you have this saggy butt that is so unbecoming.

I also bought cream for Miguel's skin. He has Keratosis Pilaris which is like chicken skin on the back of his arms and foreams and I got this cream that I saw advertised on Lucky Magazine. I started putting it on yesterday and his skin is already softer and the bumps less noticeable. I'm so excited.

We are watching Jurassic Park with Miguel, his first time ever, he is not impressed yet but i think he will once the T-Rexs show up.


well the idiot thiefs are writing checks... I hope they keep trying, cause there is no money for them to pull out and I hope they get caught. Morons...

Thursday is here

Ok today is upper body workout day, I'm pumped because I ordered a creatine product that is designed for women only. I was using one that Pat takes called Full Blown Extreme but I think it made me gain weight and get fat around the middle.

Pat ordered 2 Tv's for his office so he'll have 4 now. He needs to deduct more things for his business because taxes are killing us. We also get new credit cards, atm cards and checks for our new account due to the theft. Tomorrow Direct TV comes to install a new box in Pat's office. Also today the new dishwasher is getting installed. Wow that's a lot of stuff for 2 days. :P

Miguel came to my room in the middle of the night and starting kicking hte door to come in... boy that is not a fun way to wake up I tell you! I think he is sick because he also ended up feet on my head.

Ok he woke up and I gotta go wait for the dishwasher installer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

useless beast....


If left to his devices this is what he does all day. And during that time he also snores like a freight train....

Instead of Boo we are going to change his name to "Tub of Goo"
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And so life goes on...

no news on the robbery but we did get a call back from the insurance company and they are going to cut us a check when they get a list of the stolen items. The jewerly is only covered to $1K so we will need to take another policy out for my new ring that Pat gave me and my old wedding ring. Don't want that lost also someday!

Pat bought us a new dishwasher that is getting ready to be installed today :) The one here just doens't work anymore. He also bought me a new laptop since mine has personal issues with me and likes me mess with my head. It's a Dell and it comes with Vista so we'll see how that works. I'm so looking forward to getting it!

Nothing going on with the house yet but we hope to have some movement soon.

So that's all that's happending overhere.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter and then some....


Here are some pictures from our Easter. WE had a very rushed Easter because we had gotten home from Kansas City the day before. Unfortunately we came home after getting a call from my Brother in law to tell us we had been broken into while we were gone. They took a computer, playstation, mine and Pat's jewerly boxes with most of my valuable jewerly and Pat's watch valet and watches, and a checkbook. I hope they rot in hell, but hey that is just my opinion, now if God is listening I hope he agrees.

So the first picture is one that Miguel took of me while I was cleaning his sister's bedroom. Nice rear angle huh?
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Monday, April 02, 2007


Oh yeah! uh huh!

Baseball season is here!!! The TV's are ready, the XM Radios are getting set up, I'm working on my screaming voice so I can yell at the umps... doesn't get any better than this :) Well actually it does, if you go to a game live like we are doing on Thursday :D

WE have TShirts ordered, Dice K is pitching his first MLB game in the US!!! Cool, cool, cool! A funny thing happened yesterday, Pat went to the bookstore and saw a guy with a Boston shirt and got to talking to him and turns out the guy is going to the same game we are going to in Kansas City. Isn't that cool!

We found a website that has some very cool shirts and I got one that says "Married into it" and it has a Boston B. I can't wait to wear it, LOL

A friend also sent me a youtube video of this guy that talks about Boston sports, especially the Red Sox and the guy is just "split your gut-hilarious" That said, he is the most irreverent, foul mouthed thing I ever have heard but even that cannot touch the stuff he comes up with in terms of his way of explaning his point of view. Say like calling Johnny Damon, Johnny Demon and Peyton Manning, Satan Manning. The guy is just FUNNY! If you want a link let me know, but be warned, again, this guy is hardcore.

OK time to get off my rear end and get things going this morning.

I wish we could get a showing and sell the house I just want to move and settle and quit driving so darn much.