Friday, April 28, 2006

weekend plans

I'm going to take my gorgeous son with me to Tulsa for a Cultural enrichment activity. Basically we are going to the adoption agencie's Guatemala weekend. It should be fun to see everyone especially our social worker/program coordinator that helped me live thru our adoption. She moved to Colorado last year and we miss her so much, I wish she was back in Tulsa. She is a SUPER person and I always like being around her, she is such a positive and sweet person and truly genuine (at least I hope she is not pretending to like me, LOL ;) ) Anyhow by gorgeous daughters decided to stay with dad and not get culturally enriched :P They'll have fun with daddy they always do.

So until I have time for more writing (although I will have my laptop with me so I might check tonight) TTFN

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