Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm in such a good mood today, though busy and behind in housework (when am i not...) but Miguel is doing AR testing, I have yoga, weights, tennis and core training and then a relaxing night and maybe even sleeping in since it's probably going to be a snow day tomorrow.

I love 3 day weekends :) Actually that is a big fat lie I just love to sleep in... any day will do, not necessarily a weekend
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hugs, maria

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

its peaceful

morning time and nobody went to my bed last night (although a large orangutan decided to sleep right smack in the middle of the whole thing...) so I'm feeling large recharged by my sleep. The kids are still in bed and he house is quiet and that is so peaceful!

Gonna finish my coffee and then go take a quickie shower, have Yoga and my allergy shot today :)
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hugs, maria

Saturday, January 16, 2010

cleaning out

Ok today is the final day of xmas decs. Yes they were still up. I took the Octavitas and extended them :D This site should give a lot of info and some nasty boricua annoying music as you open the page.

Currently obsessed with Duran Duran's song Ordinary World. Highly recommend it. Even Larisa requests it in the car.

This is our car request list by child
Gabi - mom could you turn the music down it's so loud I can't hear my music on my ipod thru the headphones...
Larisa - Vultures or Perfectly Lonely by John Mayer, Soul Sister by Train or Dance Floor Anthem by Good Charlotte
Miguel - Dance Floor Anthem or Who Says by John Mayer
Mama - all of the above plus Duran Duran's Greatest Hits!

A friend turned me to Chelsea Handler's books and I read "My Horizontal Life" and about passed out laughing now I'm reading "where are you vodka? Its me Chelsea"

ok back to work

Over and Out
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hugs, maria

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

been awhile

anytime there is any transition it gets hard to show up for blogging but I will continue to work hard to blog.

I've been working on kettlebells and it's awesome but man it can bruise you fast if you don't do it right.

Christmas and 3 Kings were fun, but here is Jan 12 and the trees are still up. I really need to get them down but it seems like such a job.... :)

Gabi won the spelling bee (again!) and is going to county again so I hope this is the year for her. She was asked out by an 8th grade boy..... oh that is soooooo not happening......

Larisa broke her elbow Christmas Day and it's almost fixed.

Miguel is Miguel is Miguel what can I say his a boy and he is MY boy :)

- - - - -
hugs, maria