Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm going to go talk to a tattoo artist this week. I've determined a chinese cherry blossom is what I want and I want it to cover and disguise my scars. I'm working a design from 3 different pictures. It will go along my hip from the right side (of me) to the left and to (hopefully) incorporate my humminbird into it. i'm very excited about it, It will be a big tattoo and nothing I had thought of doing before but I'm very confident in my decision and that the meaning of the tattoo is a good thing for me. I'm supersticious in a way that I want something so permanent and personal to have a special and defined meaning; the same thing I felt when I named out children, their names had to be important and meaningful and such a way, although none of them were truly named after family members.

- - - - -
hugs, maria

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hey soul sister...

i'm so obsessed with this song.....

and then for my grandma

"something in the distance
a glorious existence
a place we've never been before"

The Killers

Been working on my photoshop and getting a bit better every time. It's so hard 'cause it's so full of stuff you can do.... but still it's fun. NOw I have to take more pictures that I can mess with :D

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hugs, maria

Monday, December 07, 2009


I know death is part of life but it sure sucks when someone you love so much is so suddenly taken from you. Ok, so she was 89 but this summer she stayed with me for 2 weeks, she bought me birthday presents, she drank wine with me and joked around with us.

It's so painful to realize she will never come here again to joke with Pat or look at my children with utter joy and indescribable love.

I miss her so much and she hasn't been gone for 24 hours. I hope loving Pat will honor the joy it gave her to make us a couple. I miss you so much grandma, I'll have a glass of White Zin for you this week. I love you!
- - - - -
hugs, maria