Monday, November 13, 2006

hello :)

Had a busy weekend, very busy!

This week promises to be busy too, as we have girl scouts, dance, birthday party, brownies sleepover and that is just above and beyond schoolwork, housework, laundry and breathing, :P

I bought a Vanity Fair last week for light reading (LOL) and found a new charity I think I will be donating to besides our sponsored people in Guatemala. It's called It provides medicine to AIDS ravaged areas of Africa. Africa is a country so dear to my heart, I've never been there but my heart is crushed with pain when I hear of the horrible conditions, abuses and blatant violence these people live with every day. That of course is not even considering illness, starvation and poverty above and beyond anything we could imagine. So I'm trying to do research on this charity and figure out if my money will be well spent.

I'm going to go and continue laundry, clearning, dishes and such, I also have to take Patty to the vet, she is having a skin tumor removed, her teeth cleaned, ear tattooed and nail clipped. She's going to come a real happy camper tomorrow, LOL, I bet you she will puke on purpose on the carpet to show me who's boss....

Here's a quote from the website to that charity, so true...

"AIDS is an absolutely tragic disease. The argument about AIDS' being some kind of divine retribution is crap." - Calvin Klein

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colleen m said...

I love Calvin Kleinm he is a FIT grad like me. I learned too much about AIDS when at FIT :(

Vanity Fair is one of my favorite mags.