Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Very excited!

We booked my mother to come and visit us and stay with the kids for about 4 nights so we can go away by ourselves :D I'm hoping we can go back to Arizona, that place was awesome!

Miguel is in the midst (finally!) of potty trainnig. We had had some success last summer but went on vacation and it all went to hell. But he is now very aware of his desire to be a big boy like daddy and not wear diapers. He wants to wear underwear all the time and we are on day 3 with only 1 minor accident.

Larisa might be getting her real violin today and she is just itching to have it in her hands. SHe looks so adorable practicing her violin things.

Miguel woke up 3 times last night :P and I'm tired, already.

So we start the countdown to fun time!!!

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