Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm going to go talk to a tattoo artist this week. I've determined a chinese cherry blossom is what I want and I want it to cover and disguise my scars. I'm working a design from 3 different pictures. It will go along my hip from the right side (of me) to the left and to (hopefully) incorporate my humminbird into it. i'm very excited about it, It will be a big tattoo and nothing I had thought of doing before but I'm very confident in my decision and that the meaning of the tattoo is a good thing for me. I'm supersticious in a way that I want something so permanent and personal to have a special and defined meaning; the same thing I felt when I named out children, their names had to be important and meaningful and such a way, although none of them were truly named after family members.

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hugs, maria

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