Monday, November 02, 2009

so cooking some salmon, potatoes and wilted spinach with garlic. Listening to Bonfire. Wow what a wonderful song... love it.

things are busy but manageable. Even with a new puppy :) Theo is so friggin' adorable, i love his sweet little face and airplane ears.

On the negative the skanks might just win the world series ::: hurl ::: oh well

I can't wait to go see Third Eye Blind in Fay!!! we are also going to Mt. Magazine, have a wedding on the 27th and have bacherlor/bachelorette parties also coming up. Then as soon as I take a breath it will be Christmas time... wow...

But if you know me, you know Christmas is my favorite decorating time of the year, me and my 5 trees, maybe I'll get more this year :D

Love you all!

- - - - -
hugs, maria

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