Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was a really good family day for us. We went to Pinnacle Hills mall in Rogers, AR. We had it planned and we were all excited and as we drove there we noticed snow flurries, but we kept on and when we got there it was FREEZING!! So we went to Build-a-Bear first and the kids all got something, Larisa got the new Spring Bear, Miguel got their limited edition Groundhog that is too cute for words and very soft. Gabi got clothes for her leopard/cheetah animal she has. Then we went to Penney's, we bought Larisa a sweater, myself a coat with down (great deal from $200 to $44) and Miguel a stroller. After we all got much warmer thanks to the additional clothing, we then got to stroll around.

I had a good workout today and Pat and I went to lunch, we talked a bunch and now he is out getting the kids from the various sitters they got left with.


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