Friday, January 12, 2007


This week has been a major doozy!!

Girl scouts, dance, surgery, dentists, doctor again, violin, dance, doctor AGAIN... I'm looking forward to a boring week of just normal stuff.

Miguel is healing wonderfully after having to go back to the doctor and get retaped because he ripped out the glue holding his incision together. Thankfully the cut was already healing and didn't separate. The doctor did a supreme job and the wound is just beautiful very small and clean. I'm very pleased.

I've been checking the weather and our area is right on the border of this major ice storm that is hitting Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas this weekend. I hope it doesn't decide to move south, I'd really hate to be stuck in the house a whole weekend, or really I don't mind staying home but the storm is supposed to be NASTY and I don't want to live like a hermit for the weekend with the kids, when they get bored it's ugly.

Today is the first day that we are not going anywhere in the day time unless I decide to shop for food in case this storm does decide to travel our way. It's a good thing I'm hanging out here becuase I have about 87 loads of laundry to do. I wish laundry was self sufficient and I was like bewitched and could wriggle my nose and move on and not have to sort, move, load, fold, hang, take to rooms.... blech....

Ok, I'm going to go scrapbook while the children snore, yep I'm scrapbooking at 5:37 am or else nobody leaves me alone and they want my scissors or glue or this or that....

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