Friday, October 16, 2009

oh boy

do i hate being sick! bleh... I have much to do and little time to complete it. I spent the whole day in bed yesterday, literally the WHOLE day. My throat hurts and I'm freaking exhausted. Today I have a pre-birthday party activity at school for Larisa, then tennis clinic. Then Larisa and I have to make her birthday party cake for tomorrow.

Her celebration is tomorrow and I have a nasty house to clean. I am excited as she turns 10 and I'm excited about making the cake with her, he is a little princess baker and loves to do it.

Tomorrow, I am also excited because I have a Photohop class that I signed up for about 2 months ago. Miguel has a birthday party, then we have company to eat ribs and celebrate Larisa's party. Then her friends stay for a sleepover.

Sunday will be a LITERAL day of rest....

- - - - -
hugs, maria

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Phyllis said...

Hope you're feeling better so you can get everything done. Sounds fun but very busy. Happy Birthday to Larisa! Have a good weekend.