Wednesday, October 07, 2009

wish you would step out from that ledge my friend....

- Jumper -

So I got a good night sleep, but man I couldn've slept another 3 hours or so.

Got tennis lessons today and need to finish up laundry OR ELSE! Woke up the kids early and everyone is ready, that is a relief, we had been straddling the late line wayyyyy to much lately and I hate that, I don't like being late, it's actually a big pet peeve of mine.

I'm Hospitality Chair this year at the school and my first official activity will be happening in 2 weeks, things are somewhat moving along but there is still a need for more food to be donated. Still I think we made good on the first day of it.

I've gained weight and feel fat and soft again, shit, shit, shit...

I might have to nap when I get home, I'm really sleepy still but so much to do and tonight is my evening out.

hugs, maria

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