Friday, October 27, 2006

The finger

We took Miguel to the doctor yesterday and they did x-rays. His finger is not broken, Thank God!!

It still look terrible but I'm so comforted that he only has the nail and skin trauma, nothing else.

Today and/or tomorrow we are going to a Hot Air Balloon Festival in town, I'm so psyched about this. Miguel loves Hot Air Balloons and is just beside himself, last night he said "Hot Bombas?" and I said yes tomorrow and he ran and gave me this huge excited hug. Talk about melting your heart!

Nothing much else going on, Pat and i have 4 weeks left for the Body for Life Challenge. We have both lost so much size, I've lost 10 lbs which I don't think it's a huge amount but it has turned into about 3 pant sizes. Both Pat and I will need whole new wardrobes if we stay like this (which I'm planning because I like the way I look and feel!)

Allright, chores call and I'm making invites for Gabi's B-day party :)

And before I leave, Wow that little guy Madonna is adopting is a DOLL!!! He is way too cute!

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