Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Surprise, surprise...

Well I know you will be shocked but my sweet computer has crashed again. I know it's so unexpected, really I'm SHOCKED! ::sarcasm inserted:: Anyhow Toshiba is now saying they will have their "Engineers" ::wooooooo:: check it and see if it's a manufacturers problem (really???) and if it is then they will send me a new computer (how generous!) if it isn't they will just continue to repair my hard drive over and over and over so it will crash over and over and over and then they can keep sending me UPS boxes and pay shipping, and pay techinicians to "fix" my computer and in the end probably some day replace my $500 computer after they've spent $1K trying to fix it first. A corporation at it's best.... Make yourself a notation here research the posibility of additional warranty if you are purchasing a Toshiba computer because at in my NOT SO HUMBLE OPTION they are a piece of SH*T My apologies to my friends that don't appreciate cursing, I'm so sick of this I have reached the pinnacle of exasperation with these people. What a freaking crappy product they've put out.

I'll try to update while the computer still ocassionally connects until I have to send it back AGAIN then hopefully from the children's computer. At least I was able I think to back up the newest pictures and my itunes.

Ta ta!

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Colleen said...

I am so sorry you are having techy problems!!! UGH!!! Hope it all gets sorted out ASAP!!