Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas is almost here!

Vacation is starting today for us. The weather this week is supposed to be mild so I want the kids to spend as much time outside as possible, I'm planning on going to Tulsa to take them to the Zoo.

I haven't heard yet from the furniture people so Pat is asking me to call them, I figured it will get here when it's ready. I'm knitting this really cool shawl for myself its done with this "suede" yarn and it's heavenly, I can't wait to finish it. :)

Yesterday Santa came to our church and it was so cute, Miguel was the first one up and he sat on Santa's lap and told him his list "Star Wars, Fire Truck and Candy" LOL

Pat took the girls to see Eragon at the theatre and they thought it was pretty good, it's going to be rental for me because I'm not a terrific theatre person, but I've read the books and I think the author is such a gifted person, it's an awesome story.

I'm reading one of my favorite authors: Janet Evanovich, Hard Twelve, I got it for free at the Library :D She cracks me up so bad...

Ok, I'm going to start the day, the kids should sleep well, Miguel rode his bike and got utterly filthy digging and throwing rocks and went to sleep pretty easily last night and I never heard a peep out of him. The kid plays hard. Larisa also got 2 hamsters this weekend, 2 little dwarf hamsters, the first one is very sweet but the 2nd one is more aggressive and it bit her and she was broken hearted but he has been a lot better, poor guy was at Petco and has not been handled much.

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Carol said...

Gorgeous children, as always. I wish that we could be bike riding in the week before Christmas. ;)