Thursday, May 03, 2007

ahh it's thursday...

Well let's see, the Sox won last night, though I heard of a disturbing picture of Tom Brady wearing a Yankees hat ::shiver:: LOL

Coco Crisp is officially superman, the guy has taken 3 flying leaps that i've witnessed to catch balls and he catches them literally while airborne. What a studmuffin!!! Coco you have a fan here and while I like you I'm talking about my 7 year old little girl that loves you and has a shirt with your number and yells COCO anytime she sees you come up to bat.

I'm loading a video of Larisa practicing the violin. She is doing Taka Taka Stop Stop which is the most basic of moves for her and the first time she "plays" the violin. Yes you have to start simple on the violin, and even though she is not a symphony player YET I think it sounds like an angel singing. And I have no motherly bias right?

Here it is :)

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