Thursday, May 03, 2007

Finally Friday....

The kids are thrilled and I'm excited too. Last night we went out to run errands and I picked up 2 rings that were being sized. When we hit the mall my head suddenly started hurting, like lightning, by the time we got home, even with Tylenol and a big cup of coffee I was in migraine stage. Oh it was hurting. I even let Miguel sleep in my bed so I wouldn't have to put him to sleep in his bedroom. Thankfully I woke up headacheless though I have like a "shadow" headache. Ever get one of those? It's like the area of the previous headache is still sore from it. I'm going to take more Tylenol and hopefully it will not return.

Tonight we have our dancing class and dinner which I think we will eat italian tonight.

I have this weird feeling that I have to do something today in the daytime and I've forgotten. Miguel's awake bye

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