Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend almost here :)

Wow, fun! THe kids are still on cloud 9 over school. Today Miguel and I go to visit another preschool called Hobson. I've been told this is "the Preschool" to go to in Fort Smith. I do have other reasons to like it since the girls dance teacher Penny is an aide there and will be moving to the 3 year old class next year and she told me that next year they will start a spanish immersion program for 3 year olds *and* the lady doing it is from Guatemala!!! Woow, that sounds fantastic!

I have to replace the ballast in the light fixture of the laundry room, the light dosn't work and it's driving me crazy, aside from the fact that a potential buyer woudnt like it either.

My mom will be here in 2 weeks and next day we haul it for Arizona :D

Boston won last night again

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