Monday, May 07, 2007

it's just another manic monday....

remember that song? Come on 80's children think....

Tomorrow the kids go to spend one day at the school and I'm going to call the preschools so I can visit with Miguel. The girls have to be in school at 7:45, which means we have to leave at 7:00 am at the lastest. That means I have to get up by 6 a at the latest and only if the kids have everything ready to go 'cause they will ge tup at 6 am, eat, dress, etc and jump in the car for school. Wow!

2 weeks to Arizona and looking forward to it, can't wait to get some rays :)

Pat's car is supposed to arrive this week though we haven't heard if it left Kentucky yet. He bought himself a Porsche Boxter last week. Sweet ride :) It's convertible, ah... can't wait to drive it since it's a 6 speed also. Soooo cool! I'll post pictures when it gets here, we are soo looking forward to having it.

And if you couldn't remember the name of the group it was The Bangles

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DebbieT said...

I remember! Now I'm gonna be singing that song all day....aren't all Mondays manic?? Have a great one!