Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm feeling good today, even though my tennis lesson was dissapointment (at least for me)

Pat is going to Hooters with his boyfriends, I mean his friends, to supposedly plan out their Fantasy Football strategy, sure.... they are not going there to see chicks... ah ha.. anyhow, he's going to be gone all weekend doing manly sports things which I'm sure he'll enjoy. I hope to go out with my girlfriends on Friday if I can get ahold of the babysitter (unusual for her not to answer).

Since pat is going to be gone for dinner I think I will get the kids a Genos pizza, some ice cream and have a relaxed dinner.

I have my thursday tennis league tomorrow which is so much fun because i feel more evenly matched with the players. I love my monday league but I feel often like the weak link, although they are all sweet enough to not say anything about it and I do learn a lot from them.

Need to leave in 20 minutes to pick up the Gabi from the tennis club. So I'm going to say bye now.

hugs, maria

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