Tuesday, September 01, 2009

good, good day...

got busy cleaning floors this morning and then organizing and vaccuming the downstairts. (wow i bet your are rivetted to my blog now as i ponder about housecleaning...)

well that was much of my day, though i did workout and then picked up kids. Now I relax in front of the 'puter, writing about my boring day. It was entertainning in that I got to listen to lots of music and dance about as I slaved I MEAN cleaned the house.

I'm going to be whipping up some rice and beans and salmon tonight, that's always a big favorite around here.

I had so much fun listening to Ricardo Arjona today. He is a guatemalan singer that has a beautiful voice and lovely lyrics he's been described as "nueva trova" which means "new lyric" which means like a poet type singer. I can compare it sort off to John Mayer, Cold Play, The Fray.

well i must end this as i have to go get Gabi and buy some food.



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