Monday, August 31, 2009

good news, so so news, fun news...

Ok good news first, the computer lives, it has to be reformatted but I had everything backed up so I should be on the clear there. They said they think it's a software problem not hardware so by reformatting it we should be good to go ::crossing fingers::

So so news, I played poorly today, blech....

fun news, i was at Sams and saw the Weinermobile and took the kids and they got pictures and stuff, they had fun!

Otherwise life is good, I'm listening to a cd I found in the cabinet by a group called Thirdeyeblind I call them ThreeBlindMice cause it's easier for me to remember. :)

So this week should be a good week to organize and declutter. I already took probably 8 bags of clothes and 4 of books to Abilities Unlimitted but i"m sure there is more to weed thru in this house. I also want to start working on some home repairs and painting that are overdue.

Miguel had a very good morning at wakeup and at school when I had to leave. I was very pleasently suprised.

Gabi did well in her fractions test this past week and that is always a relief and a boost for her.

Larisa's class got a new class pet named "Harry" and it's a Guinea Pig from the Humane Society. Larisa says he is sooooooo cute! We bought him chew toys.

so I'm on the search for a quote/poem/ etc.



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