Thursday, July 20, 2006

2 days left before we leave

It's been nuts around here with preparations for the trip. A lot of packing is done but of course there is always the stuff you have to save till the last minute. Gabi has the sleepover at church on Friday, I have to clean the church on Saturday, plus I have a nail appt on Saturday also.

It's been literally Hot as Hell around here, the thermostat in the car went up to 111. Gabi has been in craft camp and loves it. Her schoolwork arrived yesterday and wow its cool stuff. She has a lot of reading this year because we got her the advanced readers and I think she might actually finish the reading quite soon because she is already working on one of the books.

I want to go see "The Lady in the Water" looks spooky but cool!

Ok, need to work on more laundry and organization.

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DebbieT said...

Have a great trip! We took an 11 day family vacation to the west coast at the end of May...7 of us in the car, a different hotel every night...and we survived with great memories! Believe it or not, the packing's the hardest part! Safe travels...