Thursday, July 13, 2006

quiet around here....

Haven't had much to say lately. We've been mainly hanging at home except Larisa is doing craft camp at Michaels every day from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Funny, she was so unsure about this, she really didn't want to go. AFter the first day she was begging to come back and has been pushing heavily to go back next week when it's Gabi's turn to go. He, he, little stinker.

I organized my scrapbooking stuff so that I can work more effectively on it. I bought a little album and I'm making it for pat for his birthday. I already put pictures in it of Pat's trip to Fenway in 2004. I need to find articles and other things to finish it off since that was the year that "They won it all" a promise I'd heard from Patrick for over 10 years of marriage, LOL

Yesterday I got the most awesome news that my friend from Indiana is moving to Dallas and I will get to see her all the time (well as often as you can drive 4 hours each way, which beats 14 hours anydayf!!) I'm just so thrilled!

I need to load a video of Miguel rolling his eyes, it's a riot to see that boy. Have I mentioned how utterly cute my kids are? :D Let me try to load that video...

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