Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Patrick!!!

Today is my Dh's 40th Birthday! Not that he looks it... Anyhow I wanted to wish him the best day ever, even though I've been awake for 1 hour and realized I didn't wish him a HB or give him a hug or kiss (ooops!) He is still the studliest guy around and the most wonderful dad in the world.

Love you!

We've been on the road since Saturday and I will summarize what we've done so far. Saturday we stayed in Mount Vernon, MO, we stayed in a VERY basic hotel, clean but basic. We drove to Indiana and saw my sister and her husband,kids and my mom for a while. Monday Pat was working so my mom called and took the girls to go to the mall. Miguel and I visited my sister and then I picked up Pat and we went to the NCAA Hall of Champions in downtown Indianapolis. This place is nice and located in a drop dead gorgeous park setting. WE took my nephew Gabriel and he had fun too. Then we picked up my sister and went to lunch and to shop for a little bit. Later we decidded to go to a place called Bahama Breeze that my sister recommended. Oh boy that place is fantastic! If you ever go to one get Tostones, Paella and this cake, mousse dessert with this lovely cream sauce, oh man it was YUMMY! Then we went to my sister's house and they pulled out this XBOX game where you dance on top of a mat and boy was that fun, we really enjoyed laughing at each other as we danced to music like Devo, Whip It! The girls decided to spend the night so it was just Pat, Miguel and I back to the hotel. It was nice.

Tuesday I picked up the girls and we headed out to Columbus, Ohio. We visited with my brother in law, his wife, children and his wife's family. They made us dinner and we enjoyed chatting and seeing the kids play. We are in a Hampton Inn in Pickerington, OH and boy it's a lovely room with really wonderful beds. I would stay here again.

Today we leave for Buffalo, NY. We are making a stop in Erie, PA for Pat to work. I'm hoping to see the lake area with the kids until Pat is done and then we'll head out to our hotel in NY and tomorrow we can see the Niagara Falls, our first excursion to that area of the US, well Pat has been in Boston, NY, etc before but I've never been anywhere in NY and only a few places in Mass.

So that's the news for now. I'm going to load a picture of the birthday boy :)

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