Friday, August 11, 2006


Before we left for vacation I had set up several things like the yard, pool and newspapers so it would all work "seamlessly"

Well I'm feeling pretty confident that the pool guy never showed the entire 2 times he was supposed to ^%(*)_)(*&&**%%# I hate, hate, hate unrealiable work, just hate it. I sure hope he doens't try to show today and charge me 'cause I'll chase him with my pepper spray.

On good news I had pain on my right side all day yesterday and felt quite miserable but I woke this morning feeling a LOT better. Yipee!!!

Other good news is that Larisa's school work is on the Fedex truck for delivery today!!! YAY!! I'll have to organize all the stuff and we hope to start on the 21st once I have read all the stuff and put it in order.

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