Sunday, August 13, 2006

Off for a few days

I took a bit of time off because I've been feeling really funky and weird. Didn't really have much to say or share but I'm back even though I have a monster headache and I've been nauseated all day long.

Yesterday Pat and I had a date alone, which we hadn't done in a loooooooong time. We decided to try out a restaurant called Rolando's, it's considered "Noveau Latino" food. Boy it was sooooo good. Pat had this Camarones Bohemios, which is Bohemian Shrimp, I had this Tilapia fish with this caper and spice sauce. It all had rice and beans and the presentation was just fantastic and so very apetizing. The place opened at 5pm, we had reservations and were the first ones there, I kid you not within 30 minutes the place was almost full. I can't wait to go back but we are trying a new place next time called Bravos, recommended by Pat's optometrist that is a "local place to eat" fan. He talked to pat forever and told him all the good, off the beaten track places to go eat at. So far so good :)

Let's see what else is up... I'm having a party for Pat and asked my dad if he wanted to come. He surprised me by saying he would love to and that he might be able to come up on the 4th of September. So we are very excited at the possibility and hope he can make it.

Tonight I'm making Salmon with mango salsa and something else that I have not figured out yet. Probably rice and beans since everyone likes that.

What am I listenting to?

Barcelona by Russell Watson, beautiful voice and awesome song

What am I reading?

The latest Marie Claire has some really fabulous articles. I don't have a subscription but I might have to get it.

On the best news the Red Sox are just like -->this<-- close to sweep the Orioles :D

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