Monday, August 07, 2006

We are back...

Wow! What a whirlwind trip, we had so much fun, drove so much and learned and saw so many things that we enjoyed.

WE saw so many friends and saw a terrific Red Sox game that Big Papi finished in a spectacular fashion.

I'm going to post some pictures and will explain more of the trip as I get more time.

Last night everyone must've been tuckered out because everyone is still sleeping soundly. The girls start dance camp this week so I don't have much break to rest. Thankfully I did most of the laundry in the road so laundry won't be an issue.

I'm drinking my coffee which I missed dearly on the road, frankly I should have taken my expresso maker, LOL

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Valerie (Henry's mom) said...

Hey Maria --

Looks like you guys had one big exciting trip! Way to pack it all in! I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all of the pictures. Don't you just love New England? Doug and Henry and I went to Boston and Maine in June, and I am already wanting to go back...