Friday, September 15, 2006

aaaahhhh... it's Friday

Tomorrow is my free day of food restrictions. Pat and I have a date and we'll we gorge ourselves accordingly :D

I walked out of my bedroom today and found Miguel standing on the countertops, naked, eating potato chips. That boy.... I'm calling the hospital for a standing reservation for when he falls and cracks his head, breaks arms or legs... he is a major daredevil!

The kids have coop today and I have to return a coffee grinder to Linen's and Things, yep back to the place where Miguel is way too cute for me, bwaaa! The girls have a friend coming for a sleep over and I just literally remembered that!

quote of the day for Miguel:

"Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously!”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

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