Friday, September 01, 2006

I wouldn't recommend..

that you pull a stunt like i did last night. Try to imagine you are laying on your stomach on the exercise bench to do this hamstring exercise where you pullyour legs up to your bottom. Our machine is a combo machine you can use the same area to do 2 types of leg exercises and arm exercises. WEll you are supposed to use the top cushions vs the bottom ones but i was distracted and threaded my feet on the bottom and then pulled up really hard and tagged myself on my tailbone with th3e metal stuff. Oh man, it just freaking hurt, and this morning I have a suitably nasty bruise to show for it.

I'm supposed to do school with the kids but all i want is to use our new water pressure machine :D The thing is just freaking awesome!!! i'm going to get the playground equipment all cleaned and shiny!!!

ok, off to nurse my very sore, bruised and embarassed rear and ego....

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