Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shopping fun!

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Danielle at Pinnacle Hills mall, boy did we have fun :) We ate at Fish City Grill and went to just about every store, and I did some good purchases. I really really like way Gap jeans fit me, I hardly ever find jeans that will fit at the beginning and end. See they all stretch after a while and then you have this saggy butt that is so unbecoming.

I also bought cream for Miguel's skin. He has Keratosis Pilaris which is like chicken skin on the back of his arms and foreams and I got this cream that I saw advertised on Lucky Magazine. I started putting it on yesterday and his skin is already softer and the bumps less noticeable. I'm so excited.

We are watching Jurassic Park with Miguel, his first time ever, he is not impressed yet but i think he will once the T-Rexs show up.

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