Monday, April 02, 2007


Oh yeah! uh huh!

Baseball season is here!!! The TV's are ready, the XM Radios are getting set up, I'm working on my screaming voice so I can yell at the umps... doesn't get any better than this :) Well actually it does, if you go to a game live like we are doing on Thursday :D

WE have TShirts ordered, Dice K is pitching his first MLB game in the US!!! Cool, cool, cool! A funny thing happened yesterday, Pat went to the bookstore and saw a guy with a Boston shirt and got to talking to him and turns out the guy is going to the same game we are going to in Kansas City. Isn't that cool!

We found a website that has some very cool shirts and I got one that says "Married into it" and it has a Boston B. I can't wait to wear it, LOL

A friend also sent me a youtube video of this guy that talks about Boston sports, especially the Red Sox and the guy is just "split your gut-hilarious" That said, he is the most irreverent, foul mouthed thing I ever have heard but even that cannot touch the stuff he comes up with in terms of his way of explaning his point of view. Say like calling Johnny Damon, Johnny Demon and Peyton Manning, Satan Manning. The guy is just FUNNY! If you want a link let me know, but be warned, again, this guy is hardcore.

OK time to get off my rear end and get things going this morning.

I wish we could get a showing and sell the house I just want to move and settle and quit driving so darn much.

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