Monday, April 30, 2007

Go Sox!!!


We took 2 from the Yankees in the Bronx. Cool beans! Sam is fired up and put on his hat to celebrate ;)

In other news... the school where the kids will go next year they are needing a spanish teacher so I applied and the principal asked me to call her today to set up an appt for an interview. Yikes! It's exciting and yet nervewracking! I haven't "worked" in 10 years and haven't interviewed for a job in like 12 years! Should I wear a suit? Is that still the SOP for interviews? LOL

My resume was absolutely hilarious (at least to me) since the first dates were like 1997 - 2007 homemaker and homeschool teacher.

So wish me luck if I get it, or maybe wish the kids luck... ;) Larisa is pumped that I could be her teacher, Gabi about died and doesn't want me too (not unexpected really, LOL)
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