Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

And my little boy is 3 years old. How time goes by...

3 years ago we were wondering when we would receive a referral of a little boy, not knowing that the most beautiful woman was giving birth to our little boy. I'm amazed at the chain of events that leads a family to a child and vice versa, how adoption somehow brought to us a child so perfectly suited to our family that it feels like if we had concieved him ourselves that is the exact same child we would have produced.

How to describe my little boy... hmmm... he is not only physicaly beautiful but internally beautiful, he is full of love and passion, he is brilliant and perceptive. Everywhere he goes people are attracted to him because he is so himself! He is so sure of his place on earth, he walks and lives so fully, even when he sleeps. He is so confident and amazing. He is so looking forward to being 3 years old, he wants to be a big boy he tells us (actually he tells us he IS a big boy) he decided he was big so he didn't need diapers; he told us this on Sunday and Monday he started wearing underwear and didn't look back. He tells us (this one I have doubts about) that when he is 3 he will sleep in his bed allnight (I won't hold my breath but it would be nice!) Silly me, if he does I will miss that little brown and warm little body that likes to curl up with me as if we were glued together.

He is a true mama's boy, when he wakes in the morning his first words are "mama!
and "hold me!" He loves to read and is very much right now into Dinosaur Roar and Where the wild things are (one of my most favorite books!) I think he identifies with Max ;)

Well I need to go and launder and clean a pool for his party, I'm terribly excited about his birthday. I went on a birthday present buying spree and he is getting too many presents but I love to give him things.

and so

Happy Birth Day Manuela that on this day you may be safe and healthy and that someday I can personally thank you for the gift of our son, yours and mine. We are forever tied and connected by the son you gave me to raise. May you receive God's blessings and his protection. My love to you.

Happy Birthday my son, may you continue to grow healthy and beautiful. I love you with all my heart.


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