Sunday, August 09, 2009

8 days till take off....

the kids start school in 8 days and i feel horribly disorganized and not ready for anything. my mind is just distracted and non-cooperative. I know there is so much i need to do, so many things that have to be completed and done this week, school meetings, 2 of them, miss h is coming to babysit one day and then i'm going to the other one by myself.

i'm looking forward to the kids to go to school so I can get things doine around the house but I'm going to really miss the pace of summer, going to the pool everyday and hanging out and relaxing without worries of drop offs, pick up lines, etc.

Labor day weekend pat is going to be gone with his friends and i know he'll have a blast, i will have to plan something to do with the kids, he leaves friday and comes back on monday so it will be a long weekend but it's ok, i got to go away for a week this summer and it was relaxing to hang only with my friends and it will be good for him to do the same.

i'm still looking for a photography class that focuses on digital photography, i haven't found anything in fort smith so I'm going to see if there is anything else close enough that won't take a whole day to go to. The only thing is that i want something that is good not some basic photography i have done basic photography class and want something challenging.

anyhow, i guess were not going to mass at nine since pat is still sleeping.

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