Monday, August 17, 2009

and here it is

first day of school, in exactly 28 minutes i will wake up the kids. first day is always ok, everyone is excited and nervous so they get up with no problems. I didn't get much sleep last night, firstly because i fell asleep putting miguel to sleep. then i got up at 11 pm and went to my bed, adt 1:30 the younglings invaded my bed, at 2 i realized pat wasn't there, and then i woke up constantly thinking i was going to forget to get up in time and get to school.

surprisingly i'm not in a bad mood and don't feel tired (yet) I charged both of the digital cameras so I can take pictures of the kids, their lunches are ready and everyone is set with their uniforms. I still have a couple of things i need to get for them but they were not emergencies.

hugs, maria

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