Friday, August 14, 2009


good morning! i love tylenol (i love advil and motrin better but they don't love me back, they want to swell up my face and suffocate me) i love medication when it works and gives you what you need... you know painfree sleep and peace. ahhh.... sleep and rest are so very important to me.

i've been very thoughtful in the last few weeks, reading a lot of inspirational quotes and poetry. I don't know if it's a melancholy thing, maybe i'm dying? well we're all dying but that was not the point of my statement. i'm feeling a deep need to be more in touch with complex words that make me think, that make me pause and take a real look at who i am, what i want and to see what happens around me in a different way. did that sentence make sense? it did to me but i can be welll... unusual.

so shortly i'll post some poetry here, not mine i can't "poetrize" to save my life but other wonderful and gifted poets have wonderful stuff that is touching my heart lately.

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