Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i got my tune...

lucky i'm in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where we have been, lucky to be coming home someday....

last night was rough but we made it thru, there were storms but that was actually helpful for sleeping, then at around 2:30 i woke up sweating and wedged in between pat and miguel, with larisa bringing in the rear... so i had to take the kids to bed and that earned my about 1.5 hours of no sleep.

heidi survived and is doing good from her surgery, although i have to keep her separated from the other dogs so they are all whinning and driving me crazy.

i HAVE GOT to do laundry today, it has be done today, no options nor arguments no procrastinating, i have to get uniforms ready for the kidlets and get rid of a lot of clothes that don't fit either miguel or larisa. i have to get them socks and underwear and undershits for larisa. gabi is all set but can probably use more underwear and bras.

i put a tracker that counts the people that hit my blog and nobody comes but me, LMAO hey this is as good as a journal, nobody reads it. i did put it in my facebook so maybe someone will read it someday.

i have a tanky sitting in my lap pretending to be a baby, sucking his thumb and smelling of morning breath, he wants ice cream for breakfast. he looks massively adorable in his red shorts and nothing else.

ok now he wants to talk and fenway is eating my chair i guess i need to stop blabbering here and start doing stuff....

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