Sunday, August 16, 2009

well eventually i did get to sleep and i did rest, much to do today and then school for the kiddos tomorrow YEAH! i mean oh bummer ;)

i'm going to be the hospitality chair at school this year, it's supposed to be an easy job (they always say that) so tomorrow i'm taking the younglings first, then gabi, help her set up, back to CTK for some set up of the school teachers lounge, then workout, then tennis (i'm subbing for someone) then home to clean up and then pick up the kids, then larisa has violin. at least this first day she won't have homework, though gabi appaerntly will right off the bat.

the other day at the gym one of the trainers there told me i had lost weight and i looked thinner around the hips and such... weee!! finally. pat had told me too but it's good to know that others have noticed also (pat always has secret reasons for saying compliments, even if they are true)

i don't think i had ever shared that about 37,000 years ago i bought pat a basketball hoop that you have to put in ground. he has always loved playing bb and i wanted to encourage him to do it, so yesterday morning i issued a challenge, since the box had been in several of our garages for years (i bought it before miguel was born...) so larisa asked when it was going to be put, and i said never that i was going to be there until we died. i guess that challenged pat and by the end of the day, his brother came from poteau and they set it up, LOL, finally!

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