Sunday, August 23, 2009

so the party was fine, the band was blah... but it was fun to see everyone and socialize for a few hours. We left early hoping to catch the Klocks at the Rib Room but that didn't work out, the place was packed and they were managing the line weirdly so we waited for like 15 minutes and then bolted. We ended up at TGIF and had a quick meal and then off to the house.

i have lots to do today for the kids school, mainly laundry and organizing their school work. Miguel has to write his name at least 5 times for homework. We saw his teacher last night and asked her how things were and she said he was fine but really really wiggly in class. That suprised both Pat and I because that was never something we had heard about him from teachers.

gonna go find my quote/poem of the day before starting my day.


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