Friday, August 21, 2009

ok, we got the babysitter so we're going to the Endless Summer party tomorrow, I'm wearing a really cute maxi dress with 5 inch wedges, i need to look for a necklace to finish it off since the dress is one color only.

I'm trying to watch the Stankees, red Sox game and I'm not enjoying it. I will go to bed early tonight so I can do some serious cleaning tomorrow.

I'm feeling more upbeat than last week and this week together and have a much more positive outlook today. I hate having down days, I know everyone has them but it's such a challenge to get past them when they are happening and bringing you down.

I'm reading poetry every day and it is such a change from my normal reading activity. I did enjoy and write a bit of poetry when I was young, but I always found it tedious and boring, I guess now that I'm older, more mature (i know that's subject to opinion) i can read it and enjoy the feeling and story behind it. I do obviously still enjoy my chick lit and mindless stuff but it's nice to expand my horizons and enjoy much more deep and meaningful work.

Sara Teasdale has got to be my favorite right now followed by Neruda, Edgar Allan Poe, William Blake and two others i hadn't hear off before Charles Wiles and Peter Stavropoulos. I'm looking for more spanish poetry to satisfy my need for words that rhyme and work differently. There is just something so musical and beautiful about the spanish language.

ok, I wanna check on the family.


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