Thursday, June 01, 2006

Almost time!!!

We leave in 2 hours 10 minutes to drive to the Airport to pick up my mom. The house should look acceptable I think. Even the kids have gotten in the act and picked up their room. I have sweet kids I know!!!

Miguel though feels his talents are better served emptying out the diaper box :P

Miguel is almost all potty trained. I SWEAR! He is one smart little cookie. Pat took him last night to go pick up Gabi from recital practice and it was about 8:30, Miguel is running around the theatre going up and down and tells pat "pipi, caca" and Pat realizes he has been without a diaper the whole time, LOL, yep the boy was going around Commando. Thankfully he didn't wet or soil himself the whole time. What a riot! Pat said he took him to the bathroom and he did both in the potty. I know he's a genious, it's obvious that I didn't mess him up with my genes ;) LOL

I know I should be doing more housework but I need to take a break and sit down and read and write a bit so I can feel like I had a little break today 'cause once we leave for the airport I won't stop until after 8 pm.

I didn't find a quote this morning and I'm not reading anything worth talking about but I did download a song from ITunes.

Big Brat by Phantom Planet. Cool song!

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