Wednesday, June 21, 2006


You know... some days parenting can be such a drag. YOu know those days when for some reason your kids wake up with an attitude and no matter how nice you try to be they try even harder to be contrary and testy and deliberately disobedient and you punish them and you feel like crap for doing it but you know only that will remind them to be nice to you and others and the world in general. I hate those days. I had such positive ideas for today, plans for fun and togetherness and joy and within 15 minutes of waking one of the girls had the sign on the front of their shirt "today i want to be difficult"

I want to rise above it and find a way to salvage the day because punishing the kids puts me in a rotten mood, I hate to be at odds with them because nothing gets done, everyone will be cross and then I have to work extra hard at everything.


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DebbieT said...

It must be the weather because we just had a day like that at our house also. It IS miserable I think for everyone. Unfortunately, it happens. Loved the Vegas pics, we were there at the end of May, but I didn't skydive - you go Girl!