Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How about those Red Sox?

9 in a row! And just to boot another clutch hit from David Ortiz. The guy is like a hero, if he doesn't MVP this year and they choose that pansy A*** (you know who I'm talking about) I'm going to have a fit....This guy is a stud!

Here is a quote from him, so simple and so amazingly exactly what he is and does everyday:

I come to play everyday.

David Ortiz

Miguel is pulling a whole night sleeping workout. He needed it, the kid has been skating on the least amount of sleep he has in a long time. 30 minute naps have been the norm for several days and hte kid needs at least 2 hours in the daytime. He just plays too hard for only 30 minutes.

Ok, lots to do today.

Ok if you don't read the Guatemalan Forums that I participate in I have a funny for you.

Yesterday Miguel was getting ready for a bath and took off his diaper, I decided to review with him the parts of his body, as he gets to his genitalia I point and he correctly names his penis as "penis" then I point to his testicles and say what is that? He tells me "popsicles".... Oh boy I'm keeping that one written down for when he is older, the kid is going to kill me with his little comments :)

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