Thursday, June 15, 2006

sickness all around...

Blech, Miguel and I are sick. I have a yucky cough that is dry and wet intermitently. It is driving me nuts.

Miguel yesterday started with a fever, I would give him Motrin and it would go down and he would feel good and play and then it would come back and we'd do the same routine. Then in the evening, we had given him some Motrin at around 4 to 4:30 and at 7 you could tell he was warm already. We watched the Pink Panther and he slept thru most of it when it finished he woke up and I got him and oh my goodness the kid was boiling over I could barely touch him he was so hot. We don't have a thermometer so I sent Pat out to get one. Poor kid couldn't even move from weakness, his eyes were half open and he would stare out and every once in a while would giggle weakly at his sister or say something. So Pat gets home and i get the thing out and read it, it's 104.1! It was too early still for motrin so I bid my time and then gave him some and got him in the tub to cool him down. We spent a not very terrific night between him screaming for me while I was next to him and sleeping fitfully.

I think it could be one of 3 things:

His ears are red so it could be an ear infection
Rosceola since he would play as soon as the meds would kick in and he has no really "obvious" symptoms.
UTI, last night at some point it seemed he hurt to pee but I'm not sure, I also checked him at some point and he was dripping rather than peeing which seemed odd.

So I have to keep him in check today, he is right now with Larisa watching Scooby Doo and drinking Apple juice.

I have an issue though. We are supposed to be leaving for Branson tomorrow and I just can't take a sick little boy with me so I think we are going to have to cancel out which dissapoints me so much since I had many people I wanted to meet. I think I have to cancel the hotel with 24 hours (it's not a big chain) or else I get jibbed.

I'm really tired and have a lack of sleep headache.

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