Thursday, June 22, 2006

work, work, work....

Today I was able to transfer my pictures to Picasa from my external memory drive. This is the issue it copies it back and forth everytime it does it and now I have at minimum 3 copies of each picture. Dear Lord....

So I got this program that detects copies and while it has done a great job, you still have to manually move things around. Oh man it's so boring and annoying but necessary, I cannot tell you, well yes I guess i can, i ended up with 27,000 copies of pictures. I gotta say, I'm a pretty prolific picture taker but I haven't taken 27K

Our day has been normal, Miguel got his hair cut, nice and short and he looks well, darn adorable, he was so good for it and as usual everyone loved it and just threw compliments at him while he spit from embarassment. I'd love to see that habit go away like yesterday.

He is sleeping right now and i'm watching the girls and their cousins swim in the pool, it's so hot out here I need a patio umbrella.

ok, gotta go delete more copies.

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