Monday, June 26, 2006

Kids say the cutest things

Yesterday Miguel was in a major funk becuase he slept like 30 minutes all day and I was trying to work on the yard and he was having none of it.

Later we all decided to go swimming and I asked him if he wanted to go swimming so he say "YES!" and then I say Let's go get your suit to which he screams "Shark Nemo" LOL His bathing suit is from finding Nemo and he loves the movie and loves sharks and Nemo. I was cracking up because he has bursted out in speech in such a way. He repeats everything including stuff he really shouldn't say... ahem... and this "Shark Nemo" thing was his idea completely, I just thought it was so adorable. He also did something really interesting, he made a plural out of a word and it was wrong and he word is invented but it showed that he is begining to understand the rules of our language. We were in the car and it was rainning. He calls water "Dahtoo" I have no clue why, but he starts telling me something like "mamadattoos" and I Keep asking him and he says the same thing and then I look back and he points to the window that is wet with lots of drops of water and he is telling me "mama dahtoos" meaning mama, lots of water. I was amazed! I know he is a genious but really he really surprised me with his ability to understand and apply the rule.

Anyhow, today will be busy with stuff to do and hopefully lots of fun. I'm signing up the girls for a craft camp at Michaels.

My deal of the week I was so proud of was that I went to Tuesday Mornings and found a Nautica conforter/quilt for Miguel's room and it's so adorable and quite warm also. The regular price is $190 and I got it for $60. I need to go searching pillow shams since it was the quilt by itself but it's a very neutral color quilt so even if I don't find matching ones I'm pretty confident I can find something that will work.

Ok, Larisa wants to read a book about Bulldogs.

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