Friday, June 16, 2006

My sick little boy

Well I took my little guy to doctor and he has a nasty ear infection. He's on antibiotics and while he did better yesterday in the morning he was burning up again at night. It got up to 104.6. Maybe he burns hotter because I don't believe either of my girls has ever been that hot.

He seems to be better this morning and is back to his normal trying self so I think we might be over the worst.

Here's my horrifying/disgusting/why do I do this to myself story of today. I took the 3 mutts to the pet hotel this morning as we are leaving for Branson this weekeend. Boo was upfront with me, Patty in the middle with Miguel and Sam in the back of the Jeep. Patty starts panting and salivating and wants to come to the front, suddenly Miguel does his little sniffing thing and I smell poop, yes you read that right POOP. Patty pooped inside the car while I'm driving 70 miles per hour on the interstate. O... M... G... I seriously considered letting the animal loose in the road, I was angry. I had to pull over and find tissues and wipes, I pull the dog to the front to make sure I can pick up the middle and then she poops IN THE FRONT TOO!!! ARRRRRGHHH.... YICK, YUCK!!!! I'm cursing and screaming at the dog, who is still panting and drooling and the whole car smells of you know what. I finally clean it all up and rolled into the highway and drove almost 80 mph to get to the vet and drop her sorry butt there before I decide to take her to the Humane Society.

So I dropped the dogs off and Sam gave me the "I hate you" look because he absolutely stresses out when he is boarded. Let's see how much weight he looses this time.

So we are packing and cleaning and getting things ready to have a grand time at Branson this weekend. Sunday is Father's Day and Monday is my birthday. I'm turning 38 and if I may say I don't feel it and I don't think I like it either!

Happy Birthday to me!

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