Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Part II - part B Friday night

After jumping off of a plane we were given a ride by another couple from somewhere like North Dakota. We had lunch and frankly I don't remember much until we got dressed to go out to see KA by Cirque du Soleil.

KA was incredible, we have seen on TV a few of their shows, like La Nouba, Allegria, Varekai and Dralion. KA was so different, the whole stage is a huge hydraulic machine that moves in almost any possible direction. The costumes, music and make up were as usual breathtaking. We were about 7 rows up and got to have several of the members stand up and do the show right next to us. I highly recommend the show, it's fantastic.

After that we went to eat Sushi at a restaurant at the MGM called Shibuya.

Here's a link to it:


The food was just wonderful and tasty and now I'm just begging to eat more sushi. I've always liked it and now I love it.

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